With the ongoing uncertainty in the world, one thing you can be certain of is that more companies are opening up to remote work. In fact, studies show that remote work can be more productive than going to the office daily.

To help you find your next remote gig, we lined up all the job offers that allow remote work, currently open for applications via the MeetFrank app. Check them out and apply! 🙌

Here’s how it works: Simply click on each role to open up the job offer. You can see all the details without having to log in anywhere. If you don’t have the MeetFrank app yet, you can download it, sign up, and see if your experience matches the expectations of the company. If yes, you’re all good to apply!


That's how the job offers look like

That’s how the job offers look like 😉


P.S. If you want to see ALL job offers in MeetFrank and filter them by locations and categories, you can do it here


Tech & IT Remote Jobs


Software Engineering Remote Jobs

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Data & Analytics Remote Jobs


Design Remote Jobs


Marketing & PR & Media Remote Jobs


Sales & Business Development Remote Jobs

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Legal Remote Jobs


Customer Support & Administration Remote Jobs


HR & Office Management Remote Jobs


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