Getting top talent onboard takes a combination of creativity and diligence. 

But to attract qualified candidates and drive excitement about the role within the company, you need to stand out of the crowd. 

MeetFrank Job Marketplace makes it easy to share your job offers to a perfect skill-matched audience.

We’ve already discussed how to build an employer brand for captivating job seekers. Check the full guide if you missed it last time.

Adding job openings is the next essential step. Believe us or not, with the MeetFrank smart job creating system, you will enjoy both the process and the result. 👩🏽‍💻

Tip before you will start: Check out MeetFrank Job Market Insights to have a better idea of what’s going on in your country and industry from the number of active job seekers to job market competitiveness.



Now, let’s move on to the job opening itself and start from… no, not the job description. 😎


1. Add a new job opening and select your target audience

To make your recruiting workload easier, MeetFrank allows you to target high-matched candidates only. The system starts to weed out unsuitable job seekers right after you pick the employment type, specialty, and seniority for your upcoming job offer:

  • Choose between Full-time, Part-time, Project/Freelance, and Internship
  • Select one main speciality from 19 available options
  • Add the relevant seniorities from Junior to  Executive



2. Select a clear and attractive job title

To make it sound understandable, don’t make up a new name for an already established role. Title your job exactly what you’re looking for — “Head of Sales” for the position in sales. In case you need a person to work with B2B clients and worldwide, simply add some context: “Global B2B Head of Sales”.

By the way, keep your job title beautiful. Don’t use CAPS LOCK — it won’t add any additional value to the job offer. 😃


3. Choose the skill set you’re looking for

You will see how the talent pool will narrow further once you will select the key focus, (i.e. skills), industries, and languages that are essential for your future candidates.

Choose up to 6 of each. You can skip industries and languages sections if it’s not relevant for your position.

Note that there is a possibility to select one “Must Have” skill

In other words, the system won’t show your job offer to those candidates who didn’t mention it in their user profile—one more time-saving hack. 😉


4. Pick the target location

Next up, select up to 3 cities where you want to look for talent as well as the location of their future work. 

Ready to give the applicants the freedom to work from any place in the world? Then don’t forget to tick the “Open for remote work” line.

Another hack for getting 5X more job applicants is to select global targeting rather than local. 👇🏻


5. Add relocation package if possible

Many companies are struggling to get top people within one city or even country. 

MeetFrank provides companies with a great opportunity to find high-skilled candidates across Europe who want to relocate to your place. 

Select the “Relocation” targeting if you’re willing to help people from other countries to relocate. 💁🏼‍♀️


6. Specify the salary range

Specify the gross salary range you’re ready to pay as a full-time monthly salary. Here you can also select a possible salary increase.

For example, if the maximum salary is €5000 and you are ready to pay up to 20% more, your job opening will be shown to job seekers with a selected salary between your minimum amount and €6000. 

It’s better not to skip this step as great talents are worth being paid fairly according to their skills and experience.

Not sure what would be a good salary range for your job opening? Check out our live market data with an offered vs expected salaries’ comparison here.


7. Write the job description

Start writing your job offer copy with a “Job Summary” paragraph. Use your free space wisely — don’t spend it for copying the company’s description as it’s already very nicely visible in the company profile. Try to write an inspiring and dynamic introduction instead.

Here’s an example of eye-catching job summary from Scoro that’s looking for an awesome Back-End Developer to join the team:

To sell your nice job quickly, continue the message with the “Job Requirements” part. Remember, making your job descriptions lengthy and over-complicated pushes applicants away. Rather than listing all job specifics, only include the ones that matter MOST to you.

Add a package of key requirements that haven’t been published in speciality, seniority, and skills sections. Example from Bolt recruiters:

End the job offer message with a strong and noticeable call-to-action. It shouldn’t just end. With a powerful CTA, you’ll encourage high-quality candidates to submit their application.

Sounds like a perfect fit? Let’s chat and connect!”

Before you will move to the next step, we highly recommend having a look at a few more nicely written job descriptions. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

System Analyst in WEB for Admiral Markets Group


Sales Executive for Supermetrics


Support & Maintenance Engineer for Thales DIS Finland


8. Add automated interview questions

Once the applicants apply to your offer, they will see a short automated interview as a pre-screening phase – another meaningful step for saving recruiters’ time and effort.

We’ve already helped you to set the first two questions. Feel free to use them and add up to 3 more on your own or delete ours and create all 5 questions as you wish. 

During this stage, try to be specific about applicant experience related to your job position. Use this place to ask details that weren’t possible to set in the targeting step.

Here are some examples:

  • Do you have experience of selling a SaaS-solution? If yes, what kind?
  • Do you have experience selling globally? If yes, in which countries?
  • What’s your experience in leading teams?

Tip: If your message is in a local language, please make sure your automated interview questions are written in the same language, excluding questions if you need to check certain foreign language skills.

Finalize your automated interview with a polite friendly follow-up. You can type in :name: to replace it with the applicant’s name.



9. Publish the job offer and get applicants!

At this point, you can check if everything is in place and notify MeetFrank whether you would like to have an additional promo to your job offer via our social media channels or you want to keep the position in secret

Of course, we recommend you use this opportunity to get extra reach outside the MeetFrank app for free.

Another quick reminder: We made it possible to use your published job openings as your career page. Everything from a professionally set company profile to detailed job openings is in place. All you need is to copy the published job offer link and share it on your social media channels. You can read more about how to make most of that step here. 🚀

Try out the above guidance to get the highest ever visibility for your job opening and receive top applicants only to any role you’re hiring for!