Now that the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic has started to hit the world, new travel restrictions came into place for Estonia as of last week. 😷

If you are planning to travel to Estonia, we recommend you check the news more often these days. 👀

If you are asking “is COVID-19’s comeback the only news in Estonia?”, the answer is no! The country is celebrating its 5th unicorn: congrats Pipedrive! 👏

In this week’s article, we will discuss the most recent effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Estonian job market and how the top 6 specialties are doing. 👀

We will also compare today’s stats with those of May, when the effects of the pandemic began to show up in the market data in most countries after the first wave. 

Let’s dive into the overview and see what’s new in Estonia as of mid-November! 👇


Job Market Overview

In our previous report, we shared that by mid-October, the number of job openings finally increased by 12%. What about mid-November?

The number of job openings in the Estonian job market has increased while the job applications saw a small decline. 

This means, despite the second wave looming, there are still opportunities for job seekers out there. 🤩

In the next section, we will dive into the number of openings in November versus in April and discuss the stats from different angles.

expected and offered gross salaries in Estonia

When we look at the chart, we can see that there was a small increase both in offered and expected salaries by mid-November. 📈

The gap between the salaries persists. 

market competitiveness in Estonia

Finally, some good news. Market competitiveness in Estonia – which was at the “difficult level” last month – has almost reached the “OK level”

This means there are more openings and opportunities for job seekers and more need for talent on the employer side. 😊


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

In this section, we will compare the number of job openings as of today with those in May. 🕵️‍♀️

When we look at the chart, we can see that the number of job openings are lower in November in all specialties compared to May. 📉

no of job openings in EE: November vs May 2020

Sales and Business Development saw the largest decline.

✅ Even the number of openings in Software Engineering  –  the star specialty of the year (and apparently of the future) – decreased significantly. 

✅ (Tech) Project Management saw a small decline. But please note that this industry had a relatively low number of openings in May. 

Now that there is promising vaccine news and we can be more optimistic about the future, let’s hope better days are ahead in terms of the economy and of course, the number of job openings worldwide and in Estonia. 🙏


Offered Salaries: November vs May

A lot has changed in 2020 and one of them has been the state of the economy worldwide. 🎢

Let’s see how the first and second waves of the Coronavirus pandemic have affected the offered salaries in the Estonian job market.

Offered gross salaries in EE: November vs May 2020

There are 3 main takeaways from the chart below: 

➡️ Software Engineering, Marketing, PR & Design, and Customer Support have seen a decline since May. The last two industries do not come as a surprise to us, as the market competitiveness has been mostly high for both industries for the entire year.

➡️ IT & Sysadmin saw the highest increase. If you are looking for a job opportunity and your expertise is IT & Sysadmin, keep an eye on the openings coming up at the moment. 👀

➡️ Sales & Business Development and Project Management fields also saw a moderate increase in offered salaries. 


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

How has it been to find a job in Estonia lately? Which specialties are offering the most opportunities? 

In this section, we will answer these questions – comparing the November data with May’s. 👀

The offered gross salaries and the number of job openings may not present a lovely picture of the Estonian job market. But if we have a deeper look into market competitiveness, we can see that things are slowly getting better. 

market competitiveness in EE: November vs May 2020

💡 The “yay, now it’s easier to find a job opportunity” industries are Software Engineering, (Tech) Project Management, and Sales and Business Development.

💡 The “well, I might face some competition” industry – in which it is a bit more challenging to find a job – is IT & Sysadmin. Bearing in mind that it is at the “easy” level to find a job in this industry already, it’s not such bad news at all!

💡 The “it’s at the same level and nothing has changed that much” industries are Marketing, Design & PR and Customer Support. Job seekers working in these specialties are currently facing high levels of competition which we hope will be replaced by more job opportunities in 2021. 🙏

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